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Giuseppe was born in Rome, Italy, but lived for several years in the U.S., where he practiced law in NY. After meeting Molly, his American girl friend, now his wife, he brought her back for a beautiful, Italian wedding at the family villa, with guests from all over the world.  During their extended  honey moon throughout Italy,  he re-discovered the beauty of his country and realized that he didn't want to end up like a "Karoshi", in a NY corporate sweatshop, with un-spent  fortune.  He then decided that he wanted to live and follow his passion of creating his own business to "promote" the amazing food and culture of Italy to people around the world. It also allows him to do real “good” for his homeland.  


So, he moved back to Italy with Molly, had with her two great children (Sabina and Luca), and started the villa business with those things in mind. Over the years he offered the villa clients more and more services (food, olive oil classes/tours, weddings, etc.), until he met another short, nice Italian guy, with similar passions and a similar dream of starting a food-related business in Italy. This guy (Mike),  was a guest at the villa and so it was natural that they started talking, exchanging emails and ideas about creating this great business together and so, we embarked…..   


Favorite dishes:  

  •  everything Iaia, his 94-year old nanny, makes;  she came into his life when he was 7 days old;  she's been making fresh pasta since she was 7 years old (87 years of making fresh pasta!).  For Giuseppe, her pasta is still un-matched! 
  •  "Maccheroni al sugo di capra" (home-made pasta from his dad's town in Calabria with goat sauce--we're talking real goats walking and climbing around in an amazing and pristine land). 
  •  And, of course, his mom's amazing home-made gelatos and "dolce di semolina with pine nuts" (very fine and sophisticated dish from Northern Italy).


Favorite sites in Sabina:  

  • "Ulivone", the largest and oldest olive tree in Europe (2700 years old!);  
  • driving along the Ternana road, beautiful country road from Sabina to Umbria;
  • Ancient Roman olive grove at the farmer-artist Augusto Spagnoli's in Nerola;
  • Buddhist monastery;
  • Santacittarama near Frasso Sabino;
  • breathtaking views from Fara Sabina hill top.