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Our brand new state of the art Cucina combines the best of modern convenience and the elegance of Villa La Tartaruga Sabina, the beautiful country home 30 minutes North of Rome. In addition to multiple cooking tops, ovens and work stations so that each person can practice what they are taught along with the chefs and instructors, they are surrounded by views of the countryside on three sides.  

The specially designed kitchen has floor to ceiling glass on three sides so you cook as part of the environment, inspiring you by the natural beauty and wholesomeness of olive trees, rosemary and pomegranate bushes, lemon and fig trees and of course the surrounding hilltops and castles. 

La Cucina Sabina combines the best of what can be learned from professional chefs, local cooks or "nonnas" (grandmothers in Italian) and special visiting chefs. We will feature local Roman chefs and cooks who specialize in only the freshest regional and seasonal dishes, pasta and pizza by local "nonas" as well as a special visiting chef who teaches Tuscan cuisine. You get the benefit of  well rounded, easy to follow cooking lessons so that you come away with specialty dishes easy to prepare but sure to please you and impress your friends.

The villa produces its own amazing Sabina-DOP certified extra virgin olive oil: Osco, which is used for everything we make at our cooking school.