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The tradition of celebrating family and friendship, in the Roman countryside.

The Micheletta family has always nurtured and shared the pleasure of gatherings with friends and family in their country home near Rome. It is in this tradition that the Tartaruga Sabina was created. The villa owes its name, Tartaruga Sabina, to the family Micheletta's love for turtles (tartaruga is turtle in Italian, and Sabina is the name of the region). Today the villa is surrounded by 1000 olive trees and produces some of the finest olive oil in the world.

During a visit by the Di Girolamo family to the villa in the spring of 2011, Giuseppe Micheletta and Michael Di Girolamo first discussed their ideas for ways to share their great love of Italian food and culture with people throughout the world. Over the next three years and with careful planning, they launched their idea of La Cucina Sabina, a luxury villa hosting a vacation cooking program. But this program is like no other program as it combines the comfort and elegance of an Italian villa set among rolling olive groves, a great chef teaching traditional and contemporary Italian recipes AND the breathtaking beauty, culture and fun of Rome.

Joined by Francesca (Nanci) Buttiglione, sister in-law of Giuseppe, the three partners now host guests to create a culinary experience and Italian vacation of a lifetime!