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The villa is located in a rural area, 30-45 minute drive to Central Rome, 10-min drive to the closest towns of Palombara Sabina and Monterotondo, 3-min drive to the train station of Pianabella di Montelibretti from where there are frequent trains to Central Rome (30-40 min ride) and Fiumicino Airport (1 hour and 15 min ride).

Address: Strada Provinciale Pascolare 164 (at km 3), aka Strada della Neve or SP 35/d, Palombara Sabina (Rome).

Directions: go to km 29 of Via Salaria (Via Salaria, or “SS 4”,  is a main state road departing from the center of Rome going outwards);  make a right towards Palombara Sabina;  continue along that road until km 3 (km signs are marked on the side of the road), where you will find “Resort Gran Paradiso” on the left (along with a small sign for “La Tartaruga Sabina”): you arrived! 

Google Maps search: type “Villa La Tartaruga Sabina;

GPS coordinates: 42.097622, 12.660431,  +42° 5' 51.44", +12° 39' 37.55"

Satellite navigators and Internet maps often list Strada Provinciale Pascolare (in Palombara Sabina) as "Strada della Neve".