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Francesca, who everyone knows as Nanci, was born and raised here in Rome. She’s married to Luca and they have two beautiful children. She loves to cook for her family, but her passions also include cinema and fashion. She’s fluent in English , Russian and French.

Nanci has degrees in English and English Literature as well as Russian. For many years she worked in the movie industry travelling all over the world attending famous international film festivals, from Cannes to Berlin, and from London to Toronto. For several years she has also offered personal shopping services for tourists who want to discover the secrets of some of the best shopping in Rome.

Now, with La Cucina Sabina, she combines her passions and talents to help create for guests truly unique and memorable experiences, in the country that she loves.


Favorite dishes:

  • Spaghetti al tonno;
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana;
  • Gelato di nocciola.


Favorite sites in Sabina:

  • Abbazia di San Giovanni in Argentella;  
  • The Medieval town of Casperia;
  • The Medieval Castle of Savelli-Torlonia prices in Palombara Sabina;
  • Farfa Abbey.