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Enjoy 7 days and 6 nights during our extraordinary Vendemmia (Wine Harvest) Weeks.

9/3/17, 9/24/17, 10/8/17, 9/15/2018, 9/16/2018

Fall in Italy is the perfect time for lovers of wine to visit the Umbria region of Italy.

Our special “Wine Weeks” are designed to give you the most immersive opportunity to enjoy our wine harvest weeks. Italians call it “Vendemmia”, a celebration of the grape harvest and production of wine. We call it fun!

Italy’s beautiful onset of Fall is the perfect time to enjoy winery tours, tastings, wine pairings delicous food, more wine, new friends and the adventure of a lifetime.

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Wine Harvest
Wine Harvest Wine Harvest

Your All-Inclusive Vacation Trip includes:

  • 7 Days and 6 nights at our luxurious and spacious villa!
  • Private Bedroom and Bath
  • Hosts on Property
  • A winery tour where you will see first-hand the grapes being harvested and crushed and wine being produced, with experts to explain the process.
  • Tasting and lunch with winery owners at a beautiful estate-like setting with wonderful views of the countryside and lake Bolsena, a huge volcanic lake.
  • Wine expert to discuss pairings, a variety of recipes that include wine,
  • Ample opportunity to enjoy one of Italy’s finest exports followed by a visit to the ancient Umbrian town of Orvieto
  • Plenty of fun in the kitchen
  • Day trips to discover the wonderful region of Lazio, the hills of Sabina and its medieval villages, vineyard, culture and people.
  • A memorable dinner at a rooftop apartment of a Rome resident, complete with its sunset over the Eternal City.
  • A sunset wine and cheese reception at an ancient medieval castle, market visit, winery tour
  • Visit to Tivoli
  • Three hands-on cooking lessons.
  • Transfers to and from Rome’s main airports.
  • And so much more!

Starting at Only $3200 pp! ( € 3000 )

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