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Palombara Sabina (15 minute drive from the villa)

Palombara is a charming ancient town in the center of southern Sabina. It is built on a hill at the foot of mount Gennaro, surrounded by olive and cherry trees typical of the region.

Particularly interesting are the old town center with the beautiful Savelli-Torlonia castle on the top of the hill, and the Abbey of San Giovanni in Argentella.


Tivoli (30 minute drive from the villa)

Tivoli is famous worldwide for two of the most beautiful villas of the ancient Roman era and the Italian renaissance; both are part of UNESCO's world heritage sites: Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este.

Less known but equally beautiful is Villa Gregoriana, a natural park with great historical and artistic significance.


Farfa Abbey (30 minute drive from the villa)

An ancient marvellous Benedictine abbey of the VIII century.


Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Vescovio (40 minute drive from the villa)

Evocative compound built around the ancient Cattedrale dei Sabini (Sabinos' Cathedral), and resting on the still visible ruins of the ancient Roman town Forum Novum.